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Sephora and Lush Haul


Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Dec 16, 2012 at 9:57AM

I'm engaged! And getting married!


Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Jun 6, 2012 at 1:51PM

First off, this blog seems dead, yup I haven't been blogging because I guess I have sorta gotten bored with blogging plus I have also stopped buying lots of makeup in recent months. I apologised for the hiatus but really I didn't have much to blog about.

This post is going to be personal and that is I am getting married this month and soon my status will no longer be Miss but Mrs!

A bit about my relationship: My husband to be is my first love and also soon to be last love seeing that I am marrying him lol and we have been dating for 2 years 9 months. Very early in our relationship, he had asked me to marry him but we have waited till now. To me my decision to marry him was because besides my father, I think no other man loves me as much as he does. He is always there when I need him to comfort me and his actions brought a lot of joy to me. And I love him as much too :)

And on to my engagement ring!

The whole journey was actually quite funny to be honest. The both of us went to the jewellery shop to pick our wedding bands. We had no intention of buying the engagement ring till later when my fiance is richer but he surprised me by saying since we are here why not get your E-ring as well as there will be a discount if we both buy our wedding bands and E ring together.

Our jeweller was JannPaul and he does customization of rings so I told him what I wanted and he designed for me. Ok that was it, on the day we went to pick up the rings, I didn't expect my fiance to propose to me. It was quite a surprise actually, we were at Vivocity, he brought me to the place where he first asked me to be his gf, with a heartfelt speech, he took out a rotating crystal stand with the ring on it( first pic) and asked me to marry him again lol

I of course agreed! Anyway our ROM date was also booked so I can't run away either hahahaha.

Here's me with the ring:

I'm back!


Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Nov 12, 2011 at 4:08AM

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Would you like to see me do a haul of everything I bought during the time I was away?

My july favourites!


Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Aug 5, 2011 at 11:51AM

Favourites for the month of july! I will be making more videos on monthly faves!

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I graduated!


Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Aug 2, 2011 at 2:57AM

Haha actually I graduated last thurs which was my convocation. If you know me personally, you probably have seen my convovation pictures splashed all over facebook. After 4 toiling years of stress, I felt so proud of this moment! And also to all who graduated in 2011, no matter what university you are from - CONGRATULATIONS!! We have all made it!

Here's me with all my graduating friends!

So proud of myself!

Mummy gave me such beautiful lilies so that I can look pretty in my photos :)

And also a graduation balloon from my fiance :)


And if you want to know what makeup I applied for my convocation, I use E.L.F quad in butternut, MAC blush in goddess and Benefit's lipstick in Lady's Choice

Convocation dinner makeup and outfit


Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Jul 27, 2011 at 12:11PM

Yep finally graduated though convocation is on the 28th july. Last night I attended NTU's dinner and dance for class of 2011 and here is my makeup and outfit:

Decide to go with neutral eyes and my dress style was greek goddess thus it had to simple and nice as goddesses are beautiful even without makeup haha!!

This was the dress I wore. Bought it at Far east plaza for $44.50. Accessories was kept simple with just a leaf hairband that has silver crystals, a pair of flower earrings and simple bracelet. I didn't do anything to my hair at all except put on the hairband :)

Review: Clarisonic plus!


Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Jul 27, 2011 at 2:54AM

A comprehensive with some rambling on the clarisonic plus!

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Overall I do like it :)

New sigma goodies!


Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Jul 16, 2011 at 11:42AM

Joined a spree in late june hosted by Cherub lips and gotten some new goodies which sigma introduced recently. Really excited in trying them out!


I have tried the Dry n Shape yesterday and I do like it. It really drys my brushes especially those hard to dry synthetic brushes within 6 hours!! However I'm not so sure about restoring the shape of of brushes to its original state. It seemed to dry them into the most compact state possible and its not how it originally looked. But a little fluffing of the bristles will bring it back to normal :)

Really love these red satin makeup bags with gold linings and zippers. They look very classy and expensive and not to mention the interior of the bags are filled with black fabric that offer some cushioning. Very good quality and well worth the price as it was on 30% discount!

Jumped on the bandwagon and got the cleansing and polishing tool as well. Ordered this before the clarisonic and fickle-minded me decide to get the clarisonic in the end also. So now I have this and the clarisonic as well. Will do a separate review on them individually as they are both used for different purposes. This is for exfoliation while clarisonic is more for deep cleansing.


All in all I spent quite a lot. Sigma ain't that cheap afterall. Here is a rundown of the prices:

Cleansing and polishing tool: $59.14
Dry N shape: $42.25
Red makeup kit : $22.61

Quick Haul + review of MUFE microperfecting primer


Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Jul 15, 2011 at 2:06PM

Just a quick haul and review. Enjoy!


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Posted by MaddyMadeline | | Jun 27, 2011 at 8:39AM

Some stuff I got during this month with the star buy at the end :) :

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Star buy:

The pink one is super cute and it helps the fight against breast cancer foundation as well ! It was $375 with a $40 sephora voucher if you buy it this month.

Oh well just an update,  just my luck that I got a defective clarisonic :( Boo! The shower brush when inserted could not vibrate and when I brought it back to sephora, they told me that the battery was faulty as well as my clarisonic when switched on became hot. They are exchanging mine with a new one which is currently charging(24 hour charge required before first use) at sephora recommended by the SA to ensure that all is fine before they hand it to me. OMG imagine if I had bought it online, wonder how long it will take to exchange!